Want to Help?

Do you want to help us out on one of our journeys?  There are several ways you can help!

Financial Support:  Every little bit helps!  We’re buying gear, and setting money aside to account for being without an income for 6 weeks.  Donate via Paypal  Small Donate Button

Gear Donation:  We have a list of gear we are still trying to collect.  If you’d like to gift or loan any of the needed items to us, we’d be grateful!

  • front bike rack

Send us a surprise in the mail: We love getting mail! Send us a food package or postcard to one of the mail drops along the way. Some favorites we’ll miss on the trail are dark chocolate, trail mix, energy snacks/bars, etc.  If you’re sending food, please keep in mind that we’re both vegetarian and Lindsey is allergic to soy. Schedule of mail drops will be added closer to the hike date.

Buy us a hot meal or warm bed in town:  Donate via Paypal  Small Donate Button

Join us on the trail: Looking for a way to provide moral support?  Join us on the trail for a few days. We’d love the company! Let us know which date or section you’d like to join, and we’ll figure out the details.  Some ideas of sections you could join us:

  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park – Clingmans Dome to Deep Creek
  • Mt Mitchell
  • Stone Mountain State Park
  • 1 day on Sauratown Trail
  • any of 8 days paddling on Neuse River
  • Meet us at Jockey’s Ridge to celebrate finishing the hike (warning: after 5 weeks on the trail we’ll probably be tired and smelly!)



Send us a surprise in the mail! Everyone loves getting packages. On the trail, they’re even more exciting. Be sure to let us know to check the mail drop though, so we don’t miss it.

Any support packages can be sent to:
Lindsey Barr and Andrew Gorbea
3111 Panther Ridge Ln
Lewisville, NC 27858

They’ll be dropped off with our food packages. Every few days. If you want us to have it at a specific time or during a specific section, note that on the outside of the box!

We’ll need things that are calorie dense – think peanut butter not celery. This will be the time we can indulge in candy bars! Other things we’d love: peanut butter/nutella, fresh fruit, applesauce packets, etc.

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