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We’re Back At It!

First is first… we’re SO SORRY for the radio silence the last 6 months!  A lot of big changes have been happening for us – we’re both started new jobs (Lindsey as general manager and Andrew as footwear lead at Great Outdoor Provision Co in Greenville, NC), moved to a new city, and had to delay the big adventure.

We focused on the new jobs and triathlon training this summer, which didn’t leave much time for preparing for the thru-hike.  But race season is almost over (one more race – Goose Creek Trail Race November 15), and its time to start focusing on our hike preparations again.  We’re still working on getting sponsorships to collect those last pieces of gear we need.

And we’ve FINALLY settled on our wheels for the trip.  For a while, we were going back and forth between riding our road bikes or finding a tandem touring bike to use.  Well, we finally settled the debate last week, when we lucked onto this beauty listed on Craigslist:


Yes, thats right – we finally found a tandem touring bike that fits us!  It is a mid-1990s Trek T50, and is in great shape.  We will need to do a little bit of work – replacing the seats and pedals, adding racks and panniers, and it needs a good tune-up.  We’ve been commuting to work this week and loving every minute of it.

So we’re back to making progress toward collecting our gear.  Hopefully I’ll be better about posting regularly – I know you guys are as excited to read about our preparations as we are to go through them!

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