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Mt Pisgah

This morning we set out to get in a short (~5 mile) day hike at Graveyard Fields. We finally both had the same day off work, it was finally done raining, and (bonus!) it was a Monday. It’s the perfect combination of factors! We prefer hiking during the week for the peace and quiet – no families around when the kids are in school.

We decided to turn it into a full day – hike in the morning, get a quote on one of the bikes we’ve been looking at, and spend the rest of the afternoon in Asheville. Two and a half hours into the drive, we came across a road closure on the parkway. Turns out, there’s still snow on some parts of the parkway, so the last 5 miles of road leading up to Graveyard Fields were closed. But we wouldn’t let that stop us!  We backtracked a few miles to the Pisgah Inn and hiked the Mt Pisgah and Buck Spring Trails.  The first mile and a half of the trails were exactly what we wanted, then we hit the crowds.  We didn’t know that Buncombe County has spring break this week, so the trail was full of families with school aged kids.  Although short, the hike was challenging.  The Mt Pisgah Trail gained 715 feet in 1.5 miles, so much of the hike was working our way up rocky slopes.  The view from the top was worth the work – a full 360 view of the surrounding mountains!

Not exactly the hike we set out for this morning, but a good day outside nonetheless.

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