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Cycling Trip to the Outer Banks

On our original MST plan, we would have finished the thru-hike the first week of November at Jockey’s Ridge.  We already had the hotel reservation for that week when we had to delay the trip, and we certainly won’t let a week at the beach go to waste!  So we loaded up the tandem bike and headed down to Kill Devil Hills for a few days.

I had been having a lot of ongoing trouble with my knees and achilles, so we knew I may have to take it easy.

The first day, we rode the bike from Kill Devil Hills north to Corolla.  My dad was in town, so we met him at a few places in Duck to walk around the shops there.  I’m sure we were a strange sight – in matching kits and cycling shoes, wondering around silly touristy shops.  We also stopped for sandwiches to refuel.  My dad headed back to the hotel, and Andrew and I continued on to the lighthouse


We are a strange sight indeed

We toured the lighthouse and grabbed a cup of coffee (duh!) before heading back to Kill Devil Hills.  We timed the ride pretty poorly, and ended up riding through Duck at the beginning of evening rush hour.  Not that Duck truly has a rush hour, just more cars on the road than normal.  We got a great view of the sunset over the water on the ride.


Beautiful sunset

Lucky for us, we have a bunch of bright lights on the tandem, so we’re nice and visible even in low light.  By the time we got back to Kitty Hawk, it started to rain.  So the last 10 minutes of the ride were a bit wet.

My knee had been acting up on our ride the first day, so we decided to drive the second.  We headed south this time, stopping at Bodie Island Lighthouse on the way to Hatteras Lighthouse.  The drive to Hatteras requires crossing 2 bridges that I really don’t like – Bonner Bridge and what the locals refer to as “the lego bridge”.  Bonner Bridge crosses Oregon Inlet and is close to 20 years past its intended lifespan.  Oregon Inlet has very strong, dangerous currents moving through it, so there sand on the floor of the inlet is always changing.  This means that sometimes, there isn’t any sand under the center pylons.  The “lego bridge” is a Corps of Engineers bridge that was built after a storm, and looks like it was thrown together haphazardly.

We didn’t fit any more cycling into the trip, but had a great time on our two days away!

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