Cannon Boost Canoe Paddles

Its always a great day when Lindsey and I get new gear in the mail.  A couple of weeks ago, our friends at Effort Media sent us some of their new Boost Canoe paddle.  We’re really excited to have Effort and Cannon Paddles on board as sponsors for our grand adventure!

The Boost Canoe is a shorter version of Cannon’s Boost SUP paddle.  It has the same swept blade and the same blade shape as the Boost SUP.  It also has a standard SUP grip.  We got two with carbon shafts to use as primary paddles, and a third with an aluminum shaft to keep on board as a spare.  Last week, we finally made time to take the new paddles out on the Tar for a couple of hours and test them out.  Here are our initial thoughts:


We liked the weight of the carbon version – they’re barely heavier than our wooden Bending Branches paddles.  We thought the swept blade was an interesting concept, different from anything I’ve used canoeing (or rafting) before.  It feels like it will be more efficient than a straight blade when paddling on flat water over a long distance.  I was initially concerned that the shape would affect my J-stroke, but I was able to guide the canoe just fine.


We haven’t done any technical paddling yet, so we will see how they perform in a more technical setting.  Lindsey prefers a traditional T-grip, so the grip on this was a bit thicker than she likes.  It didn’t affect her paddling at all.

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