Trek’s Driven By Adventure Contest

Andrew and I have decided to enter the Driven By Adventure contest through Trek Bicycles!  This contest is going to give away 3 all expenses paid bike touring trips and the bikes needed to go on those trips.  The trips are:

  • 520: 2x Trek 520 bikes and a classic bike tour from Portland to the Oregon coast
  • 720: 2x Trek 720 bikes and a credit card style bike tour through northern California
  • 920: 2x Trek 920 bikes and an all-road bike tour through the Virginia mountains

The contest entry was pretty involved.  The first step was to choose a travel partner – this was the obvious part!  We had to submit 5 photos, 2 written prompts, and a video lasting less than 2 minutes.  The photos were supposed to give an idea of our experience, style of adventure, and why we should win.  The written prompts asked us to describe our most memorable adventure, and tell why we should win.  The video was supposed to define our relationship, give a sense of our style of adventure, and help the judges understand why we deserve to win.

We put a LOT of work into the contest entry!

Our most memorable adventure was easy – our hike at Grandfather Mountain in July 2013.  That hike had temperature fluctuations of 30 degrees, a nasty thunderstorm that wasn’t in the forecast, and the treacherous terrain that Grandfather Mountain is known for!  When asked to explain why we should win, we talked about our passion for adventure, and helping other people experience the outdoors.

Just to round it all out, here are the photos we submitted.  We thought about which photos to submit to show the judges what we’re all about.

  • We submitted a photo of us on a road ride on our tandem bike.  We LOVE our tandem bike, and we thought this shows that we go on long rides, and it shows off our trek 🙂
  • We submitted a photo of us from an adventure race in Charlotte.  Adventure racing requires us to work together, think on our toes, and communicate clearly to achieve a common goal.
  • We submitted a photo of us from Grandfather Mountain.  We wanted to to show the hike we wrote about.
  • We submitted a photo of us from Elk Knob State Park this past November.  We chose this because you can see icicles in Andrew’s mustache, so it shows we are up for anything no matter the weather!
  • We submitted a photo from one of the partner yoga clinics we went to in Charlotte.  We think this shows our personality, and sets us apart from the rest of the field.

And here is the video:

We certainly think we’re #DrivenByAdventure!  Winners will be announced May 1, and we’ll keep you updated.  Wish us luck!

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