Big Changes Ahead

Wow guys, the last three weeks have been SUCH a whirlwind!  First, sorry about the radio silence!  I’ve hardly had time for sleep, let alone keeping you all in the loop.  So I guess its time to start catching you up on everything thats been going on…

#1: My first triathlon is TOMORROW!!!  I’m getting really nervous, I can’t believe I’m racing already.  Its been really hard to fit training into my schedule the last couple of weeks because of items #2 and 3.  But I think I’m ready.  I’ll get in a short easy run today and maybe some yoga to keep my muscles moving.  Hopefully I’ll start my triathlon career with a bang Sunday!

#2: I have been offered a HUGE promotion at work.  I am the new store manager at Great Outdoor Provision Company in Greenville, NC.  I am really excited about the new opportunity.  I’ve been at the store training all week, and the staff there have been really welcoming and helpful with my transition into the shop.

#3: Because of the job offer, we’ll be moving to Greenville, NC.  We’re going to move slowly.  I’m in Greenville now, staying in a hotel and working on finding a place to live.  Andrew has a contract with the Whitewater Center that ends in November, and our lease ends in November.  Sometime this fall Andrew will join me in Greenville.

#4: This is the one I’ve been dreading sharing.  Because I am starting a new position in a new shop in a new city, Andrew and I have decided to delay our thru-hike.  Don’t worry, we will still complete the hike, it’ll just be sometime next year.  Hopefully you all choose to keep following along our now-extended training timeline and the thru-hike eventually!

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