Triathlon Day!

Yea, I know this is a little late, this should have been posted on Sunday.

Sunday was Triathlon Day!

Andrew raced at the Huntersville Sprint Tri.  His swim needs some work, but overall he did really well.  He registered as a novice, this being his first triathlon.  He finished 2nd out of the novice category, and 60th overall out of 275 racers.  He had the 9th fastest run time of the day, ~50th fastest bike time, and ~230th fastest swim time.  And, as I expected, he is looking for the next triathlon to run.

Sunday was also the day of the Tri It For Lift Mock Tri.  We ran the race course at almost race pace, with the 100 TIFL athletes.  They still wanted mentors with every cycling group, so our swim was grouped by cycling speed.  I was in the fastest cycling group.  I was 4th in the pool and 5th out.  We rode the bike course with our bike group of 4 athletes (and 2 mentors) – I was 2nd out on the bike and 2nd back.  The run we were allowed to complete at our own pace – I was 3rd out of transition into the run, and 1st back.  I was really glad to have this practice round to see what I need to work on.  I know I need to really work on my transitions – they felt really slow.

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