1 Week Until Triathlon Day!

Andrew’s first triathlon (Huntersville Sprint) will be next Sunday, April 27.  His training is going well, tapering off this week to get ready for the race.  His last long run was today, and he’ll have 1 tempo run this week.  He’s planning to use the tempo run this week to test out his new race shoes – Pearl Izumi EM Road N1 (thanks Sean!).  We’ll go on a long ride on Tuesday, and probably do lots of yoga this week!

My mock-tri is April 27.  I’ve been fighting a cold since Wednesday, so my training is slacking a bit right now.  Luckily for me I still have several weeks until the real race.  I did get my tri-suit this week, so thats something at least!

My transition clinic was supposed to be yesterday, but it got rained out.  We’re supposed to be having a mini-clinic this week, during which I will be at job #1.  So I’m turning to YouTube and the internet to learn how to set up my transition area.  I know all the stuff I should have in my transition area and (in theory) how I should set it all up, but I am glad I will have a practice session to put it all together before race day.  I think I am going to use a yoga mat (mine is bright green and should be easy to find) to lay everything on instead of a towel.  I’ve also decided to use stretchy laces on my running shoes to cut down on time.

Wish us luck for next weekend!

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