Triathlon Training Update

Andrew and I are both training for a triathlon this summer.  Andrew is running the Huntersville Sprint Triathlon in Huntersville, NC on April 27.  Thats just 2 weeks away!  This sprint tri is a 500yd pool swim, 20K road bike, and 5K road run.  I am running the South Charlotte Ramblin Rose on June 1.  The Ramblin Rose is a beginners tri, so its a 200yd swim, 8 mile road bike, and 2 mile road run.

For both of us, this will be our first triathlon.  For both of us, the swim is our weakest discipline.  We’ve been swimming every chance we get – but that’s usually only once or twice a week!  We’re cycling and riding 2 or 3 times a week as well.  Andrew has been lucky enough to have access to a computrainer, so his bike training hasn’t been affected by the weather.  A computrainer is an awesome contraption – you hook your bike up to it, then it adjusts resistance so you can ride any course in the world you want.  I’ve been riding on the booty loop mostly, and bike routes around Charlotte.  Andrew has been good at keeping up with his track workouts, so his speed is definitely improving.  I’m lucky to get 30 minutes in after work, but at least I’m running!

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to cheer for his triathlon, because my mock tri is the same day.  Give us a cheer Sunday April 27 and Sunday June 1 to help us through those big races!

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