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Oboz Luna Low

Through the GetHiking! Charlotte group I lead, I had the chance to demo these Oboz Luna Low hiking shoes.  I chose the Luna Low over the other low top hiking shoes from Oboz for a couple of reasons.  I knew I wanted a low top shoe, since I’ll be using them for day hiking I don’t need the weight of a boot.  These have a more aggressive tread pattern than some of the other offerings, while still being lightweight.  They aren’t waterproof, but I don’t mind that so much for warm weather hiking, and I try to avoid streams all together in the winter.  The other reason I chose these was that I liked the way they look, I could wear them around town or to the shop and not feel like I’m in hiking shoes.

So, how did they perform in the field?  This is a high volume shoe – almost too much volume for my narrow feet.  These have a nice wide toe box, which is something I definitely look for in a hiking shoe!  The footbed is very firm, which doesn’t bother me.  The shoe was very rigid, and certainly requires some breaking in, but I didn’t have any instability on the trail when I wore them.  These shoes weren’t advertised as waterproof, but I purposefully stepped in a few creeks, and didn’t have any water come in the shoe – what an unexpected bonus!  I even got a few compliments on the trail, which is always nice 🙂

Overall, I was pleased with the shoes.  I would recommend them to women who want a rigid, supportive technical hiker, and don’t mind having a break-in time for the shoes.  They’re more technical than a lot of shoes I typically see on the shoe wall at gear shops, which I can certainly appreciate!





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Date Set!

We’ve finally set a date for the thru-hike!  We’ve been talking about this hike for 6 months now, its about time we finally get a date set and start planning a detailed itinerary.

We’re estimating 5 to 6 weeks on the trail.  We plan to leave September 19, putting us at Jockey’s Ridge sometime between October 24 and 31.  We had to aim for later than the busy season at our jobs, which puts us in the fall.  But we wanted to leave early enough that the weather will still be nice.  The weather almanac says average highs should be mid-60s to mid-70s and average lows should be 40-ish to mid-50s.

6 months and counting until we set out from Clingmans Dome 🙂

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March Partner Yoga

One of our favorite activities for “Date Night” is partner yoga – when we can find a class or workshop that is!  Lucky for us, an instructor at one of our local yoga studios, Moga, shares our enthusiasm for partner yoga.  We’ve been to two of Christina’s workshops so far, and can’t wait for the next one! What is partner yoga?  Partner yoga uses a partner to assist each posture.  This assist is typically either for stability or to deepen the stretch.  You might also see some acro yoga, where you need two people to achieve the posture, with one acting as the base and one as the flyer.  Other than the fun of getting to fly, practicing with a partner provides an intimate connection that we can take off the mat into our daily lives. Check out some of the photos from the March clinic:

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Grand Plans for the MST

If you’ve never heard of the Mountains to Sea Trail, you’ve been missing out!  This 1000-mile trail travels from Clingmans Dome, on the NC/TN border, to Jockey’s Ridge, on the NC coast.  Talk about an epic hike!

Now, the trail is incomplete.  It is a series of footpaths connected by backroads.  Up to now, you’ve been able to hike the trail portions and bike the road portions and still call it a thru-hike.  Just last year, Friends of the Mountains to Sea Trail determined that paddling the 200-mile Neuse River would also count as a thru-hike.  We’re setting out this fall to be the first people to complete a hike-bike-paddle thru-hike of the MST.  This will be 400 miles on foot, 400 miles on the bike, and 200 miles on the water.  To make this even more unique, we want to complete the bike portion on a tandem bike.  We’re expecting this project to take 5 or 6 weeks.

We’ll keep the blog updated with plans, gear reviews, and photos from the trail.

We’re looking for sponsorship to make this hike happen.  Check out our sponsor page to see more about the awesome companies helping us out.

If you want more information about the trail, check out the FMST website, here:


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Welcome to Two On The Trail!  We are Lindsey and Andrew, and our idea of vacation is a few days in the backcountry.  Check back here to see our epic hikes, gear reviews, and thoughts from the trail.  We’re looking forward to starting this adventure!


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